Airbnb Décor Service

Step 1:

90 minutes

Initial Consultation

We’ll work together with you for up to 90 minutes to assess your interior design needs, discuss priorities and to develop a game plan for your project.


Your goals for your project 

What’s working (and not working) for you currently in your home 

How the space may not be functioning at its fullest capacity 

Initial ideas on how to address your design challenges 

Assistance in prioritizing or phasing your project over time 


We’ll give you a lot of ideas in this meeting, but we’ll also do a lot of listening. We’ll discuss the scope of your project in detail, as well as your budget and timeline to ensure up front those are realistically aligned with what you want to accomplish. 

We encourage you to bring inspiration images to this meeting to use as a communication tool to help us hone in on your needs, visions, tastes and expectations. 

Step 2:

2 hours 

Design Idea Process


A comprehensive timeline of your project that provides you with all the details of when you’ll receive what 

A customized space plan, including dimensions of furnishing items that are scaled perfectly for your home and ideal placement of those items. 

Design concept boards that illustrate the “vibe” or “feel” we’re going for in your spaces 

An itemized list of everything that needs to be sourced for your project 

Step 3:

1 hour 

Design Presentation


• Final Touches

Feedback from clients for start design

Official proposal for all items we’ll be ordering for your home

Collect payment that puts the execution of your project in motion, but again, you’ll know the date when you’ll need to write this check at the very beginning of your project so it won’t sneak up on you

Step 4:

2 hours


Order Processing/Shopping

During this phase, it may seem on your end that nothing much is happening on your project; but if you were to peek behind the curtain, you’d see nonstop activity as we proactively expedite your product orders. As a crucial aspect of taking great care of our clients, we love this part – and since it involves heavy amounts of detailed tasks and communications, our clients are delighted to leave it all to us! 

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Step 5:

4 hours*



The Installation phase occurs over the course of one or more days, depending on the size and scope of your project. 

*9 hours estimated project time, each project is different this is just the average 

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